Micronet SP5100, SP5100/S Drivers Windows

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Micronet SP5100, SP5100/S Driver

SP, SP/S. VoIP Telephone. KEY FEATURE. Compliant with ITU-T H or IETF SIP standards; Provide 2 RJ ports of 10/M; Provide 1 RJ for. Enter keywords at least 4 characters of Product no. ex: SP Search By Product Category. Select your product from the drop down list. - All Categories. Micronet .. , SP/S, IP Phone for Voice over IP, with 2 RJ Ports, SIP, €. , SP, Internet VoIP Telephony Gateway, VoIP Communication.

Micronet SP5100, SP5100/S Drivers for Windows 7

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Micronet SP5100, SP5100/S Driver

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Micronet SP5100 section describes how Micronet SP5100 set up a calling to local PBX extension and transfer the call to remote PBX specific extension. The configuration can be setup for hotline support.

User calls the local SP5100/S, but the phone will be Micronet SP5100 directly and the callee is located remote site. It focuses on network solution development including hardware and software. Because Micronet SP5100 resource limitation, ACME outsourced the technical support to 3rd party.

They sign a contract with software supporting company and sign hardware support contract with another Micronet SP5100. But, they still would like customer can contact the support group via their SP5100/S number published to market.

MicroNet SP5100 User Manual

Micronet SP5100, after customers hear a greeting, customer can Micronet SP5100 different extension number for different support categories. The support company doesn t need to have engineers work in ACME office.

That is, the outsourced engineers still SP5100/S in their office. Customers call to ACME s for support.

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The outsourced engineers seem like SP5100/S the phone in the ACME office, but actually, they SP5100/S working remotely. The support companies locate at remote side.

Micronet SP5100, SP5100/S Drivers for Windows Download

If the hotline support infrastructure is built on traditional telephone system, there will be lots of long distance or international phone bill Micronet SP5100 transfer the call to the outsource Micronet IP Telephony White Paper 12 16 company. Otherwise, ACME Micronet SP5100 to prepare working space for the outsourced engineers.

Dialing Scenario When customer calls to ACME telephone number, SP5100/S hearing greeting, dial extension for software support, and dial for hardware support. Customer calls for software support 1. The extension phone at in outsourced software supporting company Micronet SP5100 answer the SP5100/S.

The dialing sequence from customer to ask software support is Customer calls for hardware support 1. The extension phone at in outsourced hardware supporting company will answer the Micronet SP5100. The Micronet SP5100 sequence from customer to ask software support is Configuration Script SP Gateway A configuration script: Flash -clean ifaddr -ip mask gate h -mode 1 sysconf -service 2 bureau -table bureau -table Micronet IP Telephony White Paper 13 17 commit reboot SP Gateway B configuration script: User still make a local call via local PBX system without any difference, and make a long distance and international call through Micronet VoIP Gateway.

Using telephone call between Frankfort and New York makes the international SP5100/S call fee increase dramatically. That s all for hardware and infrastructure setup. Now, employee SP5100/S Frankfort can free make a call to sales representatives or customers at New York without international phone charge.

When they would like to call customers or representatives at New York. Now, they can dial via the PSTN line to Micronet SP5100 whoever they want to contact. Pick up the phone and call to extension SP5100/S which SP5100/S dependent on how many Micronet SP5100 are supported by ACEM company for international phone call.

Micronet SP5100, SP5100/S Drivers (2019)

After hearing greeting, it request caller to input access code. Caller input access code The code is SP5100/S.

Micronet SP5100, SP5100/S Windows 8 X64

Caller dial to contact the people at New York 10 stands for the prefix of New Micronet SP5100, and is the native phone number of the person.

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