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Buy it here: As an entry level camera, it's a good start (if your taking pictures in highly. The Rebel T3 is Canon's lowest-priced DSLR but is it worth spending a bit more? Virtually every aspect of the camera has been revamped and improved,  Full specs‎: ‎Canon T3 specifications. Find great deals for Canon EOS Rebel Canon EOS Rebel T3 MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Kit w/ EF-S IS II mm Lens) (B). Shop with.

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Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera Driver

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Unlike the Rebel XS, the Canon T3 can not accept a battery grip, so there's no way to extend battery life without exchanging battery packs, and nor is it possible to have duplicate controls for portrait-orientation shooting. Despite my larger than average hands--I'm a little over six feet tall--the T3's body was relatively comfortable whether shooting with a single- or double-handed grip.

That said, I did find myself wishing for somewhat of a deeper handgrip, as Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera fingers felt a little cramped when shooting single-handed.

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That probably led me to shoot two-handed more often than I'd typically do, the better to avoid my fingertips being pressed into the body on the inside of the grip. Although there's no mistaking the plastic body for what it is, it feels impressively solid and free from panel flex or creak, and so I'd see the material choice therefore as a very acceptable tradeoff that has allowed a worthwhile savings in both weight and cost.

The main controls were positioned comfortably within reach of my forefinger or thumb, although for my own preference, the Main dial could use being angled forward rather more. As is, I felt it a little awkward to roll without adjusting my handhold, perhaps in part due to its very firm detents. The ISO button's new location on the rear panel makes a lot of sense to me, given that you must be looking Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera the LCD display to see the Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera value, and I very much appreciated Canon's decision to vary the button shapes and sizes.

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Not only does this give the T3's body a more modern feel, but it also makes it much easier to identify buttons by feel alone, once you've learned the layout. Although I didn't have the opportunity to try this, given that we're in the height of a sweltering Tennessee summer, it strikes me that the larger button sizes would make them easier to press with gloved fingers, as well.

At ISO 2, this shot taken five minutes after sunset is quite clean, but the raw version shows that quite a bit of fine detail is lost to Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera processing. Pay attention in particular to the right-hand side of the "basketball", which is textured like the real thing. I wasn't quite so thrilled by the new viewfinder, however.

Perhaps I've grown accustomed to shooting with enthusiast cameras, but looking through the T3's viewfinder feels a little bit like looking down a tunnel. While that's not surprising given that this is an entry-level camera, the fact remains that this is a new viewfinder design, and yet has taken a slight step backwards from that in the preceding Rebel XS model.

Not only has magnification just slightly reduced, but perhaps more importantly, the dioptric correction range has also fallen. On a positive note, though, he also found that the smaller viewfinder and reasonably high eyepoint meant that he didn't have to mash his eyeglasses quite as much in order to see the whole field of view. On a positive note, though, Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera Canon Rebel T3's low-light capabilities are much improved over those of its predecessor.

The Rebel XS's maximum sensitivity limit of Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera 1, equivalent was on the low side even when that camera first shipped three years ago, and feels positively anemic by modern standards. The Canon T3's upper limit of ISO 6, equivalent, while it doesn't quite match the maximum available from its entry-level competition, no longer feels limiting.

Personally, I found everything up to ISO 3, to be very usable straight out of the camera, and even up to the ISO 6, limit, Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera results were possible, although I generally preferred to shoot in raw and spend a little time in Photoshop for the best results.

There's even more of an advantage when comparing the XS and T3 with each camera's standard kit lens mounted. Shooting low to the ground was the only way to get the framing I wanted for this golden hour shot. Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera wouldn't have been possible using the viewfinder, but the live view mode saved the day, even without an articulated LCD. Newcomers to SLR photography will likely gravitate to the T3's live view mode, if they've grown up shooting at arm's length with a compact camera, and even without an articulated LCD I certainly appreciated it myself.

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera Treiber Windows XP

I find myself using live view most frequently to shoot over Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera head or low to the ground, getting shots I simply couldn't manage with my eye to the viewfinder. The T3's LCD panel has wide-enough viewing angles that I can get at least an idea of my framing even from a fairly extreme angle.

The 10x magnification function makes manual focusing pretty easy, despite the LCD's relatively low resolution. Unfortunately, while I found the Rebel T3's live view mode to be pretty reliable in terms of achieving a focus lock, except for extremely low-contrast subjects or in low ambient light, the contrast detection autofocus system felt slow enough that I generally ended up disabling it altogether in favor of phase detection and some extra mirror flipping.

While the T3's movie capture capabilities don't rival those available from enthusiast cameras, they're a huge step forward from the Rebel XS, which didn't offer video recording Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera all. For its target market, the ability to capture p high-def movie clips Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera likely enough to satisfy most customers, while the ability to control exposure, audio levels and the like would probably be overkill.

Canon EOS 1100D

I must admit I'm a little surprised that Canon didn't include the ability to record standard-definition video, though. With social media being such a big deal these days, it seems to me that the ability to record longer clips at lower resolution while retaining Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera file sizes conducive to online sharing would be a bonus. And frankly, it would also help hide any slight issues with the subject moving away from the point of focus, given that the T3 doesn't provide continuous autofocus during video capture.

Single autofocus operations are available during capture if you enable the relevent menu option, and while I didn't find this to be very useful given the relatively slow speed, hunting, and intrusive autofocus motor noise with the kit lens, some consumer videographers will probably still welcome the ability. If nothing else, it lets you quickly adjust focus without stopping recording, and then the AF operation Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera be excised from the video clip in post-processing.

Lots of detail is available from the T3's sensor, even if it lags somewhat behind its more expensive siblings in terms of pixel count. In this shot of Knoxville's Federal Courthouse, each and every brick is clearly defined.

Canon EOS 1100D (EOS Rebel T3 / EOS Kiss X50)

The most important issue for my money is the relatively slow burst shooting speed when shooting raw images, coupled with the T3's limited buffer depth. My reflexes aren't quite what they used to be, and I find a swift burst shooting function can be very helpful in making up for my deficiencies in this area. If you're shooting in JPEG mode, things aren't all that bad, with three frames per second for around 17 frames, but as soon as you switch to Raw shooting, the speed drops significantly to two frames per second, and Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera buffer fills Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera just the third frame.

From there, you can capture another frame every 1. If you want to shoot sports in RAW mode, you'll want up to one of Canon's more advanced models, and family documentarians with hyperactive kids may also want to look towards a more sophisticated camera.

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera Drivers Download (2019)

White balance was generally fairly good, other than indoors where it tended to be on the warm side, as shown in our testing. Shooting around sunset, though, I found it to yield rather erratic results.

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