Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) Windows 8 X64 Treiber

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Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) Driver

Since this project involves a bunch of digital audio stuff that some of my readers box for an audio interface that Echo made in the late 90s, called the Layla. . Most audio converters are either 16, 20, or bits, however. I had previously gone to EchoAudio's website and knew that a new driver had been Software controllable input levels; Echo Controls, mixer application for audio inputs The Layla employs bit converters for analog to digital conversion. for PC. Layla is designed and manufactured in the U.S. by Echo Corporation . Thank you for choosing the Layla bit Multitrack Digital Audio Recorder.

Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) Driver PC

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Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) Driver

It connected to the computer by a pin proprietary umbilical cable to a PCI card.

ADAT modification for the Layla converters Brian Mayton

I came across this interface box being thrown away, with the PCI card long gone. I originally grabbed it intending to salvage some of the parts out of it and maybe re-use the case empty rackmount cases are expensive!

It covers up the spot where the original DB connector was, and replaces it with a pair of optical connectors and a Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) USB port for configuration. On the left side are the analog inputs and outputs; these are all functional except for outputs 9 and 10 as ADAT only carries 8 channels.

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To accomplish this, I essentially re-used the whole analog section and the converters themselves, while re-wiring and replacing Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) of the digital electronics. Inside Inside the Layla box ignore the modifications for now the analog inputs are the section on the left, and the outputs are immediately to the right of the inputs. Both directions use Crystal Semiconductor now Cirrus Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) converter chips, with two channels of audio handled by each chip.

New Driver: Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit)

The CSs are controlled over a serial Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) bus, and allow the input gain to be set anywhere from On the outputs, the CS converters feed into more MC op amps that act as the balanced line drivers. Each pair of channels also has a quad CMOS switch, with two switches allocated to each channel.

Layla by Echo Bit Multitrack Recording System Audio Interface eBay

One disconnects the converters from the line drivers, acting as a hardware mute. The big red, black, and yellow wires are actually how it came from Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) factory—originally, Echo intended to power the interface box from the PCI card you can see where the pin Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) used to be below the power supply, by the way but they ended up adding the dedicated power supply stuck on to the right side of the board after being unsatisfied with the performance of the device when it was running on noisy computer power at the end of a long cable that also carried high-speed digital signals.

Driver UPDATE: Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit)

The modification consists of two main parts: This is now changing—best I can tell though I am not a lawyer the patents have recently expired, and implementations of the ADAT protocol are now showing up as IP blocks that can run on FPGAs and some microcontrollers. The ALG takes an ADAT bitstream and decodes it into 4 channels of serial digital audio, with each data line containing interleaved data for two audio channels.

I glue the headers down first with superglue, and add some 2-part epoxy Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) to really make sure that they stay put.

Layla by ECHO Audio - bit Multitrack Recording System eBay

This provides a point from which signals on the board can be wired into an additional PCB that can be easily disconnected for servicing. The signals are then wired up using gauge wire-wrapping wire.

The various signals were located by referencing the datasheets for the converter chips and looking for continuity between the pins on the chip and Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) places to solder to. The clock lines are shared between all of the converters on the board, so the clock signals just connect in one location and then run through the traces on the PCB to everything else.

Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) Drivers PC

I did cut off the part of the traces where they used to run to the FPGA to keep them from acting as Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) antennas. There are a couple of different formats for serial digital audio—they all use a system clock, bit clock, and word clock sometimes also called LR clock because its value toggles between the left and right channels and all will generally have 32 bits of data transmitted for each channel.

Right-justified formats are also sometimes used as well. To account for all of these different formats, most chips that have a serial digital audio interface have a couple of pins that can be set high or low to configure which format should be used. This Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) true of both the converters in the Layla and the Wavefront chips.

This required lifting the configuration pins off of their pads on the PCB and running short wires to connect them to either power or ground. Wiring-wise, this was the most tedious part of the modification.

A pin through-hole connector on the back side of the board mates with the pin header epoxied to the original board. The ADAT transceivers connect via the 6-pin header on the top side of the board, which will be discussed later in this article.

The tab is soldered to a pad for an electrolytic capacitor that was unpopulated on the original board. The Controller The original Layla came with software that allowed the user to adjust the input and output gains. Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) the analog to digital converters are housed in the breakout box, away Echo Digital Audio Layla(20-bit) the internal electronic noise inside the CPU, it is able to achieve very low signal to noise levels. The card worked flawlessly within each application.

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